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let the love flow

Its interesting when you decide to open up...what SHOWS up.

How things can get easier simply because we don't shut down, or close off.

Maybe it was always easy and we simply made things harder for ourselves, by trying to fit people and things and situations into boxes that we thought they should be in? Is this something you do too?

So I tried something, in fact offered it up to my class the other night as an option to shutting down... How about we say (out loud or just to ourselves) "is that so?"... it gives the chance to pause and reflect truly what is being said vs simply closing that door.

For me, personally (like duh of course its personal) when people start sentences with "I'm just saying".. its like ok.. here it comes.. some kind of critique or criticism. Once I noticed my reaction to these words, I realized that I actually say them to others.. YIKES!!

So this month I'm putting "is that so" in front of my thoughts and will work towards staying open to the "suggestions" and if I gain nothing else from this process I will have begun to master the action of keeping my heart open and my mind present to what is being said... or offered... and not what shut down, for fear that they will say something I don't want to hear. In this way... I really believe - love can flow.

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