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Learning to let go, to allow other things to flow

I've been teaching for awhile now. With the pandemic, I moved to online - and then, as things opened up...added in person classes once again.

Things are getting busy. I find myself rushing from one thing to the next and really, this was NOT the plan I had for my/our "retirement"...

All the "fun" things I thought I would be doing - seem a distant dream away and my schedule is full of the things I'm comfortable with.

Ahh.. THAT is the issue I think. I fill my time with what I KNOW.. because who really knows what those dreams might manifest into!?

So I sat down and wrote out WHAT did I want my life/days/ to look like.

Much of what I want was already happening but with too much emphasis on the work vs play and the doing for others than the doing and creating that fills MY soul!

So. I took a yoga class. That was awesome - letting go of the need to teach or lead or even "critique" or gather ideas for MY classes... and simply be led. It was refreshing.

Then I sent an email to my online group about my intentions for the coming months.

This was liberating as it put into black and white what I was planning. The simple act of putting it out there took it out of my head and lessened the stress I was feeling around the letting go piece.

Having a plan gave me a sense of direction and knowing that my time was being freed up, new ideas began to emerge as to the possibilities of what to do in those open spaces.

But that is where I am stopping... I want to truly open up, create a vacume, so that what needs to come in does... rather than filling it up again with more of the same...

I'm excited to see what shows up. What kind of fun adventures manifest themselves and if the creative gods are on board, what kind of art and music begins to flow!

Stay tuned! I'll keep you in the loop. In the meantime... I ask, are YOU living the life you want in this moment? Have you given yourself permission to simply be open to see what shows up?

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