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Whether its online or in-person classes, I'm sure you can find exactly what you're looking for! If none of these times work, send me a message and we can schedule a private class. 

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Schedule for Winter - Jan- Mar 2024

Online Classes

Online classes are offered via Zoom.

Join me from the comfort of your own home or perhaps while on the road as you travel about!  

All you need is access to the internet!

Talk about convenience!

Links for the coming week's class is sent out to students every Sunday by email.

In addition, you will receive recordings of every class registered for, regardless if you attend in person or choose to practice on your own.

 Online - on your time! An easy way to increase your time on the mat. 

Tell me more about your online classes!

In Person Classes

In-studio classes are an ideal way to receive individual attention and feedback especially if you are new to the practice.   

Being with fellow yogis develops that sense of community and moving in unison, feeling the energy in the space, is something that can not be replicated at home.

Classes are fun and progressive, yet accessible to all levels of students .  The studio is large but class sizes are small enough to ensure I can craft my sequencing based on who is in the room and if desired, offer hands on adjustments to help with alignment.

If you have a question or wish to register for  any of the classes - send me an email


2182 Comox Avenue


Lotus Yoga and Wellness - 2090 June Road

Pebble Beach

Hatha Yoga...

the all encompassing practice

Hatha yoga is the "umbrella" for all yoga practices. Whether you do "Hot" or "Strength" or "Vinyasa"...

It's all "Hatha.
The classes I offer, are not only excellent for new students, as they learn the various poses (asana) but also those with a deep and continued practice will benefit from the focus on alignment and mindful movement and breath work. 


Clear instruction and lots of helpful "secrets" will ensure  students stay safe and the light and inclusive delivery will ensure everyone has fun along the way.  

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