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Alana Taylor

Yoga Teacher




Yoga Teacher RYT 200


YHOT certified

ROWGA teacher

Favourite Yoga Pose

Tree - Vrikshasana

 Find strength and stability through balance and ease

A Bit About Me

My experience with yoga began as a student 15 years ago.  I went into the studio to find solace and release from my father's passing.  It felt like coming home.  I still enjoy moving my body with breath to find release from  tensions and to calm my busy mind, so I practice some aspect of yoga daily.

As a teacher, I focus on alignment in the various asana and combining movement with breath.  I also teach the practice of non- attachment.  Through my classes, students discover; strength, flexibility, fortitude and a deeper connection to themselves and most importantly, the ability to "let go"

 As I teach, stories, lessons and insights are interwoven into the practice. My classes can be humorous, thought provoking or simply a good stretch and relaxing.  They are never the same.  I like it this way. Regardless, through mindful practice, there is always the opportunity to open both your hips AND your heart so that you too, may find santosha.   (contentment).  I invite you to join me on your yoga journey and find out what practicing yoga can do for you! Namaste,  Alana

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